You want us to do what???!!!

You want us to do what???

As you all know, we love taking pieces that come into the store and turn them into “Ahhhhmazing” pieces. We paint, repurpose, whatever it takes to bring a piece back to life.  We work our magic, put it out for sale and the perfect person comes along who just can’t live without it.  That’s what we do.  So, when we were approached to do a custom piece, a family heirloom, we were so flattered but also so NERVOUS!!!

It’s one thing to paint a piece and put it out to wait for its new owner to come along and fall in love, no one is committed to buying it. No one has to love it.  If it’s not your thing, don’t buy it.  BUT taking someone’s precious piece and painting it so they LOVE it and still love us is a whole new ballgame.  Well, If you know us, you know it took us about 5 seconds to say, let’s play BALL!!  We committed and then we panicked.  It’s what we do.

This beautiful piece belonged to an equally beautiful person (Allison) who inherited it from her aunt. YES! Not only a special piece but a super, super, super special piece.  NO PRESSURE AT ALL, right?

Here are the before pictures……We had a beautiful piece to work with!


A lot of time, love and detail go into every single piece. This piece was no exception.  We met with our customer, looked through Pinterest, tried different color combinations and did sample boards.  Once we found the perfect “vision” we got started.  We started at the bottom and worked our way up.  Talking to Allison during the process we found out that she was very close to her cousin (whose mom was the previous owner of the hutch) and that she was going to love seeing this piece come back to life.  About the same time as learning this, we discussed with Allison the idea of opening the top part of the hutch up.  She loved the idea of removing the doors and taking out the middle wood strip that the doors.  In true rustic fashion, we needed to now find a purpose for these pieces we were removing.  It didn’t take long to come with an idea to turn the doors into chalkboards for the wall, one for Allison and one for her cousin to hang in her home.  The wood strip was turned into small wood signs.


A completely different piece was created and not one single thing went to waste. This is what makes our hearts so happy! It’s why we do what we do!!




Thank you Allison for your faith in us and allowing us to be a part of this journey!


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