Taking apart a pallet


Happy cold weather ya’ll!!   Fall and winter are the perfect time to get some projects done.  Everyone knows we love projects and everyone knows a lot of our projects are made from pallets.  Basically we are borderline obsessed with pallets.   Okay, really not borderline.  Just obsessed.  You get the point.

Pallet wood is where it’s at right now and word on the street is you can score free pallets from lots of different places.   Ask around and I am sure you will have a free pallet or 2 or 10 in no time.    That’s the easy peasy step.  Once you score your pallets, it’s time to take them apart.   We have tried a few different ways and this is the way we have found to be the easiest for us.

Safety First. Always! No one needs to lose an eyeball or finger or hand taking apart this free pallet. What a story that would be!  Please….safety glasses and an assistant when possible.  It’s much easier to cut if someone is able to help you hold the pallet in place.  Plus everything is better with a friend.

Supplies needed:

Reciprocating saw (We used a Sawzall)

Reciprocating blade specific for metal cutting


You want to begin by getting your blade in the “groove” or opening of the top piece of wood. Once you get into the opening you are going to cut through the nail.  The nails are the only thing holding the pallet together, so the entire purpose of this method of deconstructing a pallet is to cut through the nails.  Once you slide through that top piece you can keep on going down.  Once you do this side, flip it over and do the other sides and the middle until all the pieces fall off.  Viola!  Now, you have a bunch of pallet wood for your project!

Here’s a few pictures to show you the “trick”, which is to get that blade into the gap between the boards….


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