Spend less, save more

Are you ready to make a New Years Resolution that you will keep?  We are going to make it so easy for you, that you aren’t going to even realize that you are keeping your resolution this year!!  The new year is a great time for self evaluation.  A wonderful time to look at the past year(s) and determine what didn’t go so well or what could go better. We are dedicated to spending this month looking at some of the top resolutions and how we can help you keep them.

One of the top resolutions people make is:

This one is so easy for us to help with.   It’s easy for you to stick to this one as well. You can start by simply resolving to shop more in our stores.  Here’s a little secret, I buy 99% of my clothing from our stores.  I get compliments at least weekly on my outfits!  I take each compliment as an opportunity to share with people that my outfit is from the thrift store.  Yikes! The thrift store?  YEP!!!  My average outfit cost $15.  That includes the clothing and any accessories.  If you are thinking “my average shirt costs more than that”, you need us in your life!

The secret is, that you won’t necessarily find it all at once.  That’s the fun.  You come in today and find 2 super trendy shirts, a big chunky fun scarf and a ring that is sure to get people asking you where you got it and spend $15.  Take it all home, wash it, shine it up and hang it up.  Next week you come in and find a pair of pants, a maxi shirt and a brand new pair of boots for $18.  Here are the facts: # 1 You had fun (because shopping is fun).  #2 You now have 2 entire outfits with accessories to choose from. #3 You spent $33 for 2 new outfits, boots and 2 accessories.  You saved a lot of money!

Spending less doesn’t have to just apply to clothing.  We have furniture, home décor and so many other things at a fraction of the cost of brand name retail stores.

When you spend less, you can save!  Spending less on your clothing and home furnishings will allow you to save more for….a family vacation, a new home, a new car.  The possibilities are endless.  This resolution rocks because you aren’t really giving anything up. You are actually getting more for your money.  It’s a pretty smart resolution if you ask us!  Happy New Year & Happy Saving!

Regular Retail Price-$19.99 Hooks & Hangers Price $4.95
Regular Retail Price-$19.99
Hooks & Hangers Price $4.95



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