Resale Shopping 101


Resale Shopping 101

There are a lot of things we love…and on the top of our list is resale shopping. Not just for the obvious reason (because we run a resale store) but because we love recycling, upcycling, saving money and the great finds you can score!  I mean, who doesn’t want to find that $150 Pottery Barn sign for $25??  Who doesn’t get a slight euphoric feeling when they score that Michael Kors jacket for under $25!?

  • Shop Often….stuff Is donated all day, stuff is sorted all day, stuff is put out all day. Some customers will come in, shop and check out and then do another loop, because that’s how quickly stuff is put out some days. On any given day there can be several hundred items priced and ready to be put out. That’s a lot of stuff. Don’t feel weird for coming in a resale shop often or even several times a day! We get it! Trust me!
  • Love it? BUY IT NOW!!….The item you saw today and want to think about tonight will be sold later today to the people who saw it yesterday and thought about it last night. It’s true! I can’t tell you how many times someone has stared at a piece and then left. They come back the next day because they couldn’t stop thinking about it’s gone!! That is heartbreak! If you LOVE It, make it work. That leads to number 3.
  • Like it, but don’t “LOVE” something about it??….I have had this problem several times myself. Oh my gosh!!! I love the frame, but the picture inside..not so much! Paint the picture/glass and make it a chalkboard. Love the fun and funky pin in the jewelry case but don’t wear pins? Clip it on a necklace and rock it!
  • Embrace a sale…. walk in and picture frames are $1 today! I.don’ PERIOD! BUT…..I could print out a super cool quote to frame in it, paint the frame (if it needs it) and give it as a gift. YES!! Don’t like that idea??!! I can paint it and make it a chalkboard. We aren’t encouraging hoarding, but we are totally encouraging embracing a sale!! Think deep and think hard before you pass that sale up!! Sales in a resale shop make it so much cooler!
  • Think of who could really use that…. You happen to come in on a day we are having a $.25 baby clothes sale. You don’t have a baby, so let’s mosey right on by. BUT WAIT!! Remember, that family at church who donations are being collected for? You wanted to help but don’t have the extra money to go out and buy baby clothes. So, $2 later you have 8 baby outfits! Sweet!! Your daughter loves dressing her baby dolls up, but who wants to pay full price to play pretend….baby dress up clothes for a quarter each? Yes please!!
  • Share your “addiction”….many resale shops are small locally owned businesses. There are several out there, like ours, which are non-profit. Our success depends on amazing shoppers and donors. Don’t be ashamed to tell someone proudly where you got that purse that they just LOVE!! I can’t even wait for someone to finish saying “I love your (outfit)” before I am blurting out “I got it at a thrift store”. That’s like my favorite sentence in the entire world, how empowering is that?! I want people to realize that it’s ok to shop in a thrift store. Not only is it ok to shop in a thrift store, it’s ok to flaunt what you found at the thrift store and love your local thrift store (that’s us). It’s like we are giving people a new outlook on life. I must admit, I also love to see the looks on people’s faces who “would never step foot in a thrift store and will pay $250 for the purse I just got for $20” when I tell them it came from the thrift store.
  • Have fun!! This should be rule #1 actually, but they say to save the best for last! Make a day trip of it! Grab some friends. Did someone say lunch and shopping? Map out 3-4 shops and hit them all! BEST DAY EVER!! Have a resale shop on your way home from work? You have my permission to stop there on the way home from work as often as you want. Think of it as therapy. We are all just trying to survive this crazy life, so have fun and make the best of it!

Rustically yours,


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