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It was a dream; now it is a great reality!

It was 1973…Director of Transportation, Patricia Thompson (PT) wanted a place to teach skills to the individuals that she and Spring Dell Center, Inc. were assisting.  Her dream started out small.  It was located at a church with a space no larger than two walk in closets.  Over the years this dream has become a reality for Donna Retzlaff, Executive Director.  Two resale stores totaling over 25,000 square feet and 25 plus employees, creates a great niche for Spring Dell Center, Inc. in the thrift store industry.

One of the most common comments heard is that “the store is so clean and organized”.  The community enjoys the idea of giving gently used items to the stores, which are tax deductible and the proceeds benefit adults with disabilities.  Another benefit of the stores is that our homes are becoming clutter free!  Shoppers and donors like the donation process that the stores thrive on. A lot of shoppers are heard saying “I just brought three bags in and now I’m buying one to take home!”  It is always a fun place to shop because the store changes daily with new merchandise being put out hourly.

The quality resale stores that have been established in the community provide revenue for Spring Dell Center.  These stores are also training centers, that teach work skills to individuals with disabilities and they provide a service to the community.  What a dream! What a reality!

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